KRATER (sculpture, 3D-sound, black water, bubbles, poetry, live music)

Krater (installation version)


A silvery, eight feet wide sculpture resembling a volcano rises up in a landscape, as it did in the woods on the Vlieland island where the project premiered as part of the ‘Into The Great Wide Open’ festival in 2017. The crater is filled with an opaque inky liquid in which bubbles emerge. Every now and then auburn shapes surface, objects that are reminiscent of internal organs. A mysterious fog escapes from cavities in the object.

An unsettling rumble emanates from the depths of the crater, as if the volcano is about to erupt. Through wireless headphones the audience listen to an intense, spatial composition. Snatches from the poem ‘Nog één uur’ recited by the Flemish author Geert Cyriel Tavernier reflect the moods of a woman in the last hour of her life.

Synchronized holographic sound, imagery, lighting and movement constitute an integrated composition. Walking around Krater or quietly sitting next to it the audience become part of a surreal all-encompassing experience.

Krater can be installed in natural and architectural surroundings, both outside and inside.


Krater (concert version)


BouwmeesterDonck always conceive different versions of their works, for installation and live presentation.


After having walked around the Krater and having found a place to sit down, the audience are handed out wireless headphones. The sounds from the Krater blend with the soundscape that is audible over the headphones. From among the audience two protagonists step forward: Els Mondelaers (mezzo soprano and flugelhorn) and Dyane Donck (composer, voice and percussion). Merging with the electronic composition their singing shifts between solos and duets. The songs, in Dutch and English, mix contemporary classical and pop styles. Just like the spoken word of the installation version the lyrics are based on the poem ‘Nog één uur’. In concurrence with the music movements and actions in and around the sculpture (smoke, floating objects and lighting) gradually work up to a dramatic finale.

music - listen on headphones!


installation at day time


installation at night

live version inside


live version