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Seven abstract organic sculptures stand scattered around the location: trunks or stems with a crater in the upper part, each one filled with a puddle of water, lit from below. From each of the objects comes a low, pulsating bass sound, which causes the water to vibrate.
 Around the objects round and oval mirrors have been positioned, via which the observer indirectly sees the inner part of the sculpture, the moving water: these isolated images are echoes of the original.

Because it is not immediately clear what one is looking at, the isolated, cut out images seen through the mirrors evoke various associations: ice, crystals, micro-organisms, planets, the cosmos, et cetera.
The music enhances this: besides the bass sounds a soundscape is audible of softly tinkling sounds on layers of longer, slowly evolving (dis)harmonies and indefinable alien sounds.
 The images keep on fascinating: by their shape, by the light that has a different effect in each crater, by the minimal but intriguing movement synchronised with the bass pulse, and by the music, that connects the static objects (the sculptures) with the moving images (the water and the films that are projected elsewhere)


on an entirely different part of the route floats an enormous, 8 m diameter circular screen, on which the ‘crater images’ of the above mentioned  sculptures are projected. These moving images are autonomous, recognizable and at the same time mystifying, because they are ‘after images’ experienced in a different context. The crater images appear to be floating objects, since the edges of the screen (the frame) are invisible.


(sculpture, sound, vibrating water, projection)
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