(sculpture, surround sound, videomapping projection, live cello)

"In a darkened space, an irregularly shaped column pulsates with light that changes in colour and intensity. Around it, the air throbs with washes of a layered, ominous hum, cut every so often by ferocious cracks, as dazzling white flashes move along the surface of the column. It seems alive, this shape, an alien life form in a cycle of metamorphosis, heralded by softer, harmonious sounds with just an inkling of melody. This, of couse, is all suggestion. The column, its changing colours, and its sonorous surroundings together constitute COCON (Cocoon), a cross between sound art installation and concert, the latter realized by performer/cellist Jaqueline Hamelink, who adds chords and bouncing notes to the electronic soundscape. It seems fitting that COCON, a collaborative effort of composer and sound designer Dyane Donck, visual artist Iris Bouwmeester, and 3D-video mapper Ruud Terhaag, is premiered at November Music, one of the foremost festivals of contemporary composed music in the Netherlands (...)


(...) the miraculously evocative performances of Vox Sanguinis, crash.crush. and COCON were what defined the succes of the 2015 edition of November Music."


Rene van Peer

Musicworks (Canadian magazine for contemporary music)

With their installation and concert experience COCON, composer Dyane Donck and visual artist Iris Bouwmeester subtly sidestep the boundaries between installation, performance, contemporary music and film. At the heart of COCON is a sculpture that’s brought to life, dramatically changing in form, colour and mood. These changes are commanded by a score for cellist Jacqueline Hamelink, combined with an electronic soundtrack. The ambient imagery was made by Ruud Terhaag.

Climate changes are the inspiration for the psychedelic soundscape and the magical image of COCON; in spite of their potentially traumatic effects, there is beauty to be found in the dynamics of these processes. Your breath stops short as the temperature drops. The sounds of the cello and the quadriphonic soundtrack merge into each other and surge. The audience is taken on a fantasy trip into the unknown. It’s spooky, but serenely beautiful all the same.



concept and realization - BouwmeesterDonck

sculpture - Iris Bouwmeester

music and live electronics - Dyane Donck

animation and videomapping - Ruud Terhaag

live cello - Jacqueline Hamelink


Ruud Terhaag has a great deal of experience using a variety of projection techniques and creating believable illusions. He has worked on and directed numerous projects where visuals and video mapping play a major part, both in applied forms and in a more autonomous context. His latest project has been the design and realisation of the visuals in DJ Hardwell’s world tour.


Cellist Jacqueline Hamelink has performed in a variety of ensembles (including Metropole Orkest, Philharmonie Zuidnederland, Het Balllet Orkest). Outside of that, she is active in music, dance, theatre and visual art. Her extensive repertoire has an international feel, and has seen a great number of collaborations. In 2015, she was awarded the Ad Vinken prize by the municipality of Tilburg (NL).